Troopers: Woman torches own car, vandalizes several others in Boyd County

BELLEFONTE, Ky. (WSAZ) - It was a paint job neighbors in Bellefonte were not looking to have done for their cars when they woke up Thursday morning.

Kentucky State Police say several cars were vandalized along Princess Drive and Bellefonte-Princess Road. While most of the vandalism was done with blue spray paint, some had white paint just dumped on the front. One car, though, was set on fire and destroyed.

"It's most unusual what happened," said Michael Crawford whose family was a victim to the act. "On this street in particular, certainly in Bellefonte."

Neighbors tell WSAZ the area has a next to zero crime rate and never expected to wake up to see vandalism this extreme. What's even more shocking is the fact that the suspect is one of their neighbors, and her car was the one torched.

Troopers say Deborah Miller was arrested and charged with criminal mischief and arson in connection with the acts. But what neighbors like Crawford would like to know is why.

"Not giving the druggies credit for anything, but at least they're trying to steal for something," Crawford said. "To just vandalize is a waste of everybody's time and money, of course, so I'm not sure what their next step up in life is going to be. I think it involves bars."

No one was harmed during the crime spree.

Neighbors say with wax, soap, and water, they were able to get most, if not all, of the paint removed from their cars.

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