State workers' fears grow with only two days left in legislative session

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LAUREL COUNTY, Ky. (WYMT) - What started out as teachers rallying against changes to the pension system has evolved into state employees asking for Governor Bevin's vetoes of the budget and revenue bills to be overturned.

A group of teachers and other state employees gathered at the Laurel County Courthouse Thursday to voice their concerns.

“I think the teachers have kind of been the soldier in the trenches for myself and many other state employees who have a very unique interest in what happens in relation to the pension system", said Jamie Mosley, Laurel County Jailer.

Organizers of the rally say not passing the budget and revenue bills could be devastating to many state employees.

“Which are not perfect by any stretch of the imagination. They’re not. There are painful cuts all the way across the board", said Pam Elkins, President of the Laurel County Educational Association. "But at least with some of the revenue ideas, it would bring in some needed money to help fund those programs.”

With only a short time left in the legislative session, state employees are feeling the pressure to make their voices heard.

“My greatest concern is moving into July 1 without a state budget passed", said Sandra Johnson, Superintendent of Hazard Independent Schools. "Yes, this is a compromise budget. This budget, House Bill 200, not only covers education, it covers every entity in the state that receives state funding.”

Johnson says Hazard Independent Schools will be closed Friday to allow teachers to go to Frankfort to rally in support of the budget and revenue bills.

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