Royalton Trail Town plans for construction

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MAGOFFIN COUNTY, Ky. (WYMT) - Earlier this month, Congressman Hal Rogers presented the Royalton Trail Town Committee with a $1.9 million grant. The president of the committee, Victoria Doucette, said this money will be used to make expansions to the Dawkins Line Rail Trail in Magoffin County.

"This will be what you would imagine a trail town to look like when we get it finished," Doucette said.

According to Doucette, they will create cabins, camping areas, horse stables, a covered stage and farmer's market area. She believes these additions will draw tourists in.

"We're really excited, you know," Doucette said. "This area right now, people don't realize it, but these are the best days they've had for a long time ... with tourism."

Susan Weimer and her husband traveled from Florida to take a ride on the Dawkins Trail. Weimer said they enjoyed their time on the trail.

"It is not very well known yet," Weimer said. "We tried to pick a part that wasn't too hilly. So we rode up to the tunnel."

Weimer said Royalton is well on its way to being a great trail town.

"The trails have helped the community and in terms of introducing riders to the community and help the community too," Weimer said.

Doucette said construction will begin in the coming months.

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