Road washes away, homeowners left stranded

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FLOYD COUNTY, Ky. (WYMT) - As early morning storms rolled through, heavy rains made their presence known. Part of Upper Lane Sliding Station Rd. in Floyd County was washed away. Then, a water line, below the road, broke.

"We've had somewhere of three plus inches of rain this morning. Within an hour and a half to two hour period," Gary Garrett, Floyd County Road Foreman, said.

Homeowner, Maggie Bryant, said damage from heavy rains is a yearly occurrence. She worries about her neighbor’s safety.

"They can't get out of here. No ambulance can get in and out where we're at," Bryant said. "There are sick people here; I have one neighbor who lives right down below me, with oxygen and all that."

Many homeowners watched in disbelief as water and debris took over.

Bryant said the water also affected her home.

"Water all under my home, all in my driveway, and it's all up in the air conditioner system," Bryant said.

Garrett said fixing the road was of the utmost importance.

"When you got people stranded you never know what may come up," Garrett said.

Crews worked quickly and brought in dirt and gravel to create a temporary solution.

"You got to make sure the roads are open and they can be in and out when they need to go," Garrett said.

According to Garrett, the temporary road will be replaced with a permanent solution in the coming weeks.

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