UPDATE: Riverview Health Care Center administrator releases statement after weekend fire

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PRESTONSBURG, Ky. (WYMT) - Residents at Riverview Health Care Center are thankful everyone is safe, after a fire at the facility caused everyone to be evacuated from their rooms Sunday.

Numerous emergency agencies, along with Prestonsburg Fire Department, responded to the fire on the second floor of the facility.

"There was a lot of smoke," said resident Christine Crisp. "That's all I ever saw. A lot of smoke and people rushing about and the girls' (nurse's) faces were black."

Many loved ones rushed there after hearing about the fire - among them, was Nell Carter. "I didn't know what to think. I didn't know what to expect," she said.

She said she heard about the fire through a friend, who heard about the fire on the scanner. She said the fire should prompt communication efforts.

"I understand they can't notify everyone, you know, I understand that; but there should be some means, kind of like the school board calls when there's no school. I think there should be something set up to that effect on this end that way," she explained.

Emergency vehicles surrounded the health care center, ready to treat anyone for any injury.

Nell said she is overall satisfied with employees care of her loved ones. Residents we spoke to said they were cared for with the utmost respect.

"We're very pleased with how they take care of us here, very much so," said Don Crisp, who was sitting blanketed in the community area with other residents. "They really got after this thing in a hurry and took care of everybody," he said.

Four people were transported to the hospital for minor injuries. Two of those people were employees. Carter is hoping the fire served as a lesson in communication.

"Just you know, a phone call, just to tell them know something is going on and you need to get down there," she said. "Because they were frightened to death."

Riverview Administrator Missy Allen released a statement Tuesday:

"An isolated area fire started (Sunday) morning at Riverview HealthCare Center. All elders were immediately and safely evacuated from the affected area, and the fire department responded right away and easily extinguished it. We work very hard to take care of our beloved residents and stakeholders and responded quickly. There was limited damage, but the matter is currently under investigation by the authorities to determine the possible origin, as is standard protocol. I am very proud and thankful for how quickly our stakeholders responded to this event ensuring everyone’s safety. I would also like to thank the Prestonsburg Fire Department, Prestonsburg City Police, Transstar Ambulance, Mayor Les Stapleton and State Representative Larry Brown for their quick response to the residents and stakeholders at Riverview."