Residents on edge after flooding takes over roadways in their community

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PERRY COUNTY, Ky. (WYMT) - Traffic moved slowly in some areas of Eastern Kentucky Friday morning as heavy rain poured through the area.

Sondra Slone is a resident of the Bulan community of Perry County.

She told WYMT after growing up in Knott County, she’s witnessed flooding first hand.

“When we lived up this holler, the bridge actually got wiped out,” Slone said. The bridge was repaired in a matter of days.

A creek now sits behind Slone’s new Bulan home she moved to in July of 2016. She said although she has not seen flooding yet, she has been warned her home is one that could see extreme damage.

“My landlord did say that sometimes it does flood in my backyard and then it floods into my basement too,” Slone said.

Slone said keeping valuables and other items out of the basement is just one way she prepares for extreme flooding. But when it comes to having a plan, she said she has not thought that far.

“To be honest with you, this is the only place I have to go. I don't have a backup plan to go stay anywhere else. So it's in the good lord's hands on that part,” Slone said.

A retired firefighter in the Bulan community told WYMT he thought flooding reached between six to ten inches Friday morning on Highway 476.
Flooding in the community has since receded.

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