Pike County student to appear in documentary

PIKE COUNTY, Ky. (WYMT)- One student at Belfry High School will soon appear in a new documentary.

'Without a net: The Digital Divide in America' is a documentary looking into schools with no access to technology.

Thomas Hager, a senior at the school, looks forward to his second period Advanced Placement Computer Programming class.

Hager said his interest in computer programming began when he was young.

"I got my first computer, some of the PC games I had, I looked at where they were installed whenever they were installing and I would go and pick apart the files and see what made up an actual game," said Hager.

The computer programming classes at Belfry High School allow Hager to learn more about what he loves.

However, living in Eastern Kentucky makes it hard for Hager to explore his passion.

"We have access to internet, but it's very slow DSL," said Hager.

School becomes the best place for Hager to explore technology.

Stephanie Younger, Hager's Computer Programming Teacher, said many students at the school are becoming more interested in technology.

"I see so much more potential in my students because of the technology we have available in our classrooms than I ever did before," said Younger.

The documentary highlights schools who have no access to technology and what it takes to provide a 21st-century education.

Film creators believe Hager is a perfect example of how technology can unleash a student's potential.

The documentary will air on the National Geographic Channel September 26th and also be screened at the New York Film Festival.

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