Officials at Perry County animal shelter looking for owner of abandoned dog

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HAZARD Ky. (WYMT)- The Kentucky River Regional Animal Shelter is looking for answers after a car dumped a dog out last week and drove off- just yards away from the animal shelter.

"A vehicle had pulled down," said director Allie Mullins. "It looked like a Ford Explorer or something like that. It was a green color. They pulled up right at the top of the hill and then they just left."

One of the 18 security cameras around the property captured surveillance video. You can see the dog run out and then the car pulling away.

"Officials with the animal shelter tell me they believe the dog walked around this spot for about 4 or 5 hours before walking off towards Knott County."

Officials with the shelter say they later found the dog dead on Highway 80.

"You could tell by the color and the markings that it was the same dog, says Mullins."

Kentucky state law prohibits anyone from abandoning an animal. Law enforcement familiar with the case tell us the owners could face second degree animal cruelty charges.

"Right there it tells you you're not allowed to abandon animals," says Nikita Owsley

Officials at the shelter filed a police report and say they are offering a 250 dollar reward for information in the case.

They ask that if you have any information to call the shelter at 606 439-4064.

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