Monitoring the elderly during the hottest days of summer

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FLOYD COUNTY, Ky. (WYMT) - During the hottest days of summer, the Floyd County Sheriff's Office keeps a close eye on seniors in the community. The COAST Program, which stands for: checking on a senior today, checks to ensure the elderly are safe.

"A lot of older folks live in older homes and their air conditioning could be bad," Landon Hall, patrol deputy, said. "And we really worry about it during winter."

Betty Branham, COAST Program, makes calls each day to the elderly enrolled in the program. She asks if they have food, medicine and their basic needs are met.

"Each person I talk with tells me I'm the only call they get during the day," Branham said.

If a senior does not answer their phone when Branham calls, she calls again. After the second missed call, a Floyd County Sheriff's deputy will go to the home and check on the senior.

"We got to make sure that they are okay. That they have their medicine, food and anything of that nature," Hall said.

Hall said there are nearly 60 seniors registered. To enroll in the COAST program call 606- 886-6711.

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