Martin Police rescue three dogs in one week

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MARTIN, Ky (WYMT) - The Martin City Police department says they have received numerous calls about neglected dogs.

It is unclear what is causing the rise in crimes that involve animals in the City of Martin.

"The first one, a dog got shot by a shotgun. We investigated it and got it back to the owner. The second one was the housing alliance, they had a puppy that someone just dropped off" says Officer Jonathan Holbrooks.

The most recent call, a six to eight week old puppy chained up outside for weeks.

Police say he did not have water, food or shelter.

"You could see his ribs, hip bones. There was no plasticity in his skin, you could pull his skin and it would stay, bounce back" says a foster family keeping the abandoned dog.

After a vet visit, food, water and a home, Zeus should make a full recovery.

"Daily I see an increase in his activity. He could barely hold himself up at first, he would constantly fall over. Now he runs" says Zeus' foster family.

The other dogs are expected to survive as well.

With below freezing temperatures creeping through the region, police warn people that dogs left outside, without shelter, can be considered neglected.

"It's just easier I guess where they don't want to go out and tend to it because it's cold" says Officer Holbrooks.

Many of the animals they rescue are taken to the Floyd County Animal Shelter, Dumas Rescue helps them find a home for the abandoned pups also.

Chelsea Bray is facing animal cruelty charges after police say she left Zeus tied up without food.

Martin Police ask people to consider donating to their local shelter to help them care for rescued animals.