London Women's Care employee arrested for prescription forgery

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LONDON, Ky. (WYMT) - One Clay County woman is facing charges in Laurel County for forging a prescription from the place she worked at.

Friday, leaders at London Women's Care received a call from a pharmacy in Manchester, concerning the legitimacy of a prescription.

Arresting officer Gary Proffitt told WMYT, "They were able to find out that one of the prescriptions had been turned in by one of their employees." Proffitt added, "She filled it out the same as if you went to the doctor and received a prescription for yourself. Then she ultimately signed one of the doctor's names to the prescription before she turned it in."

Tabitha Roberts went into work Monday morning. That's where police said she was arrested and fired.

Proffitt said Roberts placed the order for Neurontin, but canceled it over the weekend. "She indicated she knew it wasn't right and called to cancel it herself," said Proffitt. However, police said that wasn't the first time she forged the prescription. "In December of 2016, for the same prescription, she had actually picked that one up," Proffitt said.

Officers involved with the case said they rarely make arrests like these. "This type of complaint that we had with her is not something that we typically see," said Proffitt. "Of all the drug problems that we run into from time to time, this is actually pretty rare."

Roberts declined an interview from the Laurel County Detention Center.

Leaders from London Women's Care also declined to comment.