Local volunteer fire department in need of new gear

FLOYD COUNTY, Ky. (WYMT) - The downturn of the coal industry hurt many agencies in Floyd County and those at the Mud Creek Volunteer Fire Department said times are tough.

Chief Will Parker said they need new gear, but can't afford it.

Since 2007 firefighters at the Mud Creek Volunteer Fire Department have suited up in their current gear to battle the flames.

"That gear has served us well, but over the years with repeated use from the heat, it is becoming worn out," Parker said.

At ten years old the gear is now required by regulations to be replaced.

"The gear has a expiration date on the chemical used to make it fire resistant," Parker said.

However, Parker said the fire department has no money to buy new gear.

"We really are scraping the bottom of the barrel just for everyday operation," Parker said.

The fire department is asking for the community's help.

Carmel Newman, who lives down the road from the fire station, said the department helps everyone.

"There's been several houses, I guess, that they got to them in time and put them out before too much damage was done to them," Newman said.

Parker said one full set of gear could cost more than 2,000 dollars and he hopes the community could help with the cost.

He said anyone interested in helping the fire department can contact the fire station at 606-587-2880.

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