Lifeguards warn of dry drowning dangers

HAZARD, Ky. (WYMT) - Drowning, even after you leave the water.

Dry Drowning, officials at the Center for Disease Control and Prevention said can happen an hour to 24 hours after getting out of the water. It occurs when a tiny amount of water gets into the lungs and causes the windpipe to close.

Lifeguards said, symptoms include a headache, chest pain, fatigue and shortness of breath, which typically impact small children.

"It happens to mainly little kids and little kids just don't understand it because they're just energetic, running around the pool having a good time and they don't realize it, but if they're running around coughing and just think it's normal, but it really could lead to something that can put them in the hospital," said Chockie Herald, Head Lifeguard, Perry County Pool.

Herald said one way to help prevent dry drowning is to have your children take swim lessons, so they learn how to hold their breath and keep their airways closed.

If your child does experience any symptoms, you are encouraged to call their doctor or if the signs are more severe, take them to the emergency room.

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