Kentucky Republicans gain control of state House

FRANKFORT, Ky. (WKYT) - It's no surprise the presidential race was called quickly in Kentucky. Both Kentucky and Indiana went to Donald Trump not long after polls closed on Tuesday.

Trump took the Bluegrass State by a landslide despite not spending any money here.

The only two Kentucky counties Hillary Clinton won were Fayette and Jefferson counties.

Lexington Herald-Leader political reporter Daniel Desrochers says Kentucky's strong support for Trump shows voters' strong urge for a change in Washington.

"This is a population that's fed up with the establishment in Washington D.C. Donald Trump had that hashtag 'drain the swamp, ' and that's really what we're seeing," said Desrochers. "These are people that want to see change and they think that's part of that movement and, they really, they went all in on Trump. Now, we're going to get to test whether or not Republicans can do anything for coal country and whether or not they're going to end those regulations and if we see any coal jobs come back."

Desrochers is also wondering if Governor Matt Bevin, who is a good friend of Mike Pence, will now have an ear in Washington.

"Mike Pence is a dear friend of mine both personally and professionally. He's been as gracious as anybody to me in terms of political advice. I am so happy for him and his wife, Karen. They are such good people. America is probably going to have the finest Vice President we've had certainly in a long, long time," Governor Bevin said on Wednesday morning.

Trump's inauguration will take place in 72 days.

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