Inmates seek redemption while behind bars

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LESLIE COUNTY, Ky. (WYMT) - Inside the Leslie County Detention Center, there are no pews or altars. They have some plastic chairs and a wooden podium. Still, they have a church service.

"If it wasn't for them coming to talk to us, I don't think I could hold on," said Mary Beth McCool, an inmate at the jail.

About two times a month, a few women come to the detention center to share scripture, pray and worship with some of the female inmates.

For many of them, they are on a path to redemption. It is a path that has not always been clear.

"It's gone from times where I would wake up mad at God for waking me up, to where from even behind these walls, I'm grateful every morning and thank Him every morning for waking me up," McCool said.

Many of the women inside the jail say they turned to faith for hope. Lee Ann Games is one of the people who shares the Bible with them. She said she had a close family member get into trouble and prayed to God for direction.

"I said if you'll move in this situation and reduce this sentence, I will go forth and not be ashamed to tell people what to do and that there is hope," Games said.

Games said her work with the inmates is worth it when she sees them smile as they walk in for church.

"I know that everybody is not going to grab it and run with it, but for the ones that will ... that will never be back in these doors again, then it is worth me giving my time," she said.

Jail officials told WYMT there is also church service for male inmates a couple times a week.

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