Harlan County boy honored at KSP graduation

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FRANKFORT, Ky. (WYMT) - The 95th Kentucky State Police cadet class graduated Friday in Frankfort and invited one special guest.

Kentucky State Police said the title is not given but earned. Seven-year-old Gavin Miles earned his title as an honorary member in June.

The latest group of KSP graduates knew Gavin had to be there when they walked.

"He has a special place in our hearts", said Commissioner of KSP, Rick Sanders. "Gavin is a fine young man."

Gavin has four lung diseases. One of the diseases is considered rare and another remains unidentified.

"They've always considered him terminal", said Gavin's father, Mark Miles. "His life prognosis is ten years but God has given him to us till now."

But that never stopped him from living life to the fullest.

"You see the most normal, happiest kid in Cumberland", said Mark Miles."

Miles said his son is brave, loving, and offers up plenty of personality.

"You're under arrest", said Gavin. "Kentucky State Police."

Gavin looks up to the men in uniform.

"A state trooper is my friend and they watch over people", said Gavin.

And the police respect him too. Every graduate shook his hand as they walked by.

"Gavin has such an impact on people", said Mark Miles. "Gavin touches everyone that he meets."

Gavin said there is one thing he wants the men and women in uniform to know.

"Kentucky State Police, you're my heroes", said Gavin.

Gavin said he wants to be a police officer to help people.

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