Folks rally for the legalization of medical marijuana

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JOHNSON COUNTY, Ky. (WYMT) - Some call it a natural remedy.

Many gathered in Paintsville in a town hall setting to discuss the uses of medical marijuana on Thursday evening.

Paintsville City Councilman, Justin Lewandoski, said he hopes to shed light on a controversial topic.

"We need it for medicine, I mean we have people here from all over that really needs this medicine," Lewandoski said.

Kim Robinson, caregiver and mother, shared that her 12-year-old daughter was only given seven minutes to live due to a lack of oxygen to her brain. Now, her daughter has many medical conditions and must take 14 pills each day.

"All the side effects are eventually going to affect her liver," Robinson said.

Robinson said she believes medical marijuana might give her daughter a new quality of life.

"Why not go with something that is more natural, something that you're not going to sleep your life away," Robinson said. “Something that you can come off of."

According to Lewandoski, medical marijuana is a way to help those in pain.

"Everything that we ever learned in school ... that marijuana is a gateway drug, it's not the truth, the truth is that it's the exit drug," Lewandoski said.

Lewandoski said he hopes this will start a conversation with legislators.

President and CEO of Operation UNITE, Nancy Hale, said legalizing marijuana is not the answer.

"I think that it will have a detrimental effect and simply lead to a stronger and more addiction," Hale said. "It's been proven. Now, one of the scientific facts is that marijuana is a gateway drug."

Hale shared she believes there are other solutions for those suffering. For more information about Operation UNITE visit:

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