Family remembers preacher shot 9 years ago in Perry County

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PERRY COUNTY, Ky. (WYMT)- Nine years ago preacher Marion Estep was found shot multiple times in his car on the Hal Rogers Parkway in Perry County.


"You'll think back on it and you'll think wow, that really happened,” said Joseph Engle.

Nearly a decade has gone by since Engle received the call.

"I remember telling my wife, that's a bad situation there,” said Engle. “And then a few minutes later I get a call that it was my own grandfather."

On January 10th 2008, Estep was found shot multiple times near Exit 56 on the Hal Rogers Parkway.

"He shouldn’t have been in that area," said Engle.

The case is unsolved.

"We're pretty much still where we were nine years ago with this thing," said Engle.

Engle says his grandfather was larger than life, a giving man and full of God.

He was a preacher, always nudging Engle in the same direction.

"The first time I preached was at his funeral," said Engle.

Now Engle is a pastor, in addition to working for the Hazard Police Department. Nine years later, he says the pain is still there but the bitterness is not.

"So we have responded with love. And that's continuing his legacy," said Engle.

A legacy of love and forgiveness while trying to eliminate hate from the world.

"If he could speak to his killer, he would forgive them for what they've done to him," said Engle.

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