Eastern Kentucky county officials file lawsuits against drug companies

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BELL COUNTY, Ky. (WYMT) More than one dozen counties in Eastern Kentucky have filed federal lawsuits against multiple drug companies.

The lawsuits state that the “Wholesale Distributors repeatedly and purposefully breached its duties under state and federal law, which is a direct and proximate cause of, and/or substantial factor leading to, the widespread diversion of prescription opioids for nonmedical purposes into the County.”

Officials said the drug problems has cost local economies millions of dollars.

Albey Brock, the Bell County Judge Executive said he has seen the impact of this crisis in his own backyard.

The opioid abuse that is taking place is putting pressure on local governments financially, primarily in our jails and law enforcement, a lot of our 911 calls that go to the sheriff’s office, when you dial it and boil it down, it's directly related to drugs," said Brock.

He says the money will go to helping people impacted by the crisis as well as other economic aspects impacted.

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