Dog found dead and skinned in Letcher County

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LETCHER COUNTY, Ky. (WYMT) - Authorities in Letcher County are trying to figure out who killed a dog, skinned it and left it on the side of the road.

The Rottweiler mix was found Friday afternoon along Arthurs Loop in the Blair Branch community.

Elvenia Blair with the Kentucky River Regional Animal Shelter called it the most horrifying case of dog abuse she's seen in 10 years working with the shelter.

"Total disgust," Blair said. "This person had to be sick to do something this bad."

Most of the dog's skin was peeled off.

Letcher County sheriff's deputy Sidney Fields believes it is the work of a person, not another animal.

"It's not what an animal would make on another animal, being killed like that," Fields said. "Just how the fur and the skin have been cut, it's been done with a sharp knife or a pair of scissors or something."

Thanks to financial assistance from rescue groups in Wisconsin and Illinois, the Kentucky River Regional Animal Shelter's board is offering a $1,500 reward for information that leads to an arrest, plus an additional $2,000 if there's a conviction.

Authorities removed the dog's body from the side of the road and plan to have it autopsied.

Anyone with information can call Deputy Fields at 606-634-6422.

Shelter officials told WYMT late Friday they tracked down the owners of the dog. They do not suspect the owners had anything to do with the dog's death.

The owners said say the dog had been missing for three days and its name was Jazz.

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