Conn, Adkins ask for indictments in Social Security fraud case to be dismissed

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WYMT) - Eastern Kentucky disability attorney Eric C. Conn is asking for the federal indictment against him to be dismissed.

Conn, Dr. Alfred Bradley Adkins and former administrative law judge David Daugherty are accused of scheming to defraud the Social Security Administration out of millions of dollars.

In motions filed Monday in U.S. District Court, Conn and Adkins asked for their indictments to be thrown out.

The two men's rights to due process were violated by federal authorities waiting so long to indict them after an initial investigation, the motions claim.

The investigation began in May 2011, the motions claim. The indictments were handed down in 2016.

Conn and Adkins also claim at least 16 witnesses who could have corroborated their defense have died in the past several years.

Because of the suspected fraud, the SSA has forced hundreds of Conn's former clients to undergo redetermination hearings to keep their disability benefits. Many of them have lost their benefits.

Conn has denied any wrongdoing.

Conn, Adkins and Daugherty all pleaded not guilty.

Daugherty's attorney Wednesday filed a motion asking for additional time to request a similar dismissal on the same grounds.

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