Bell County Sheriff’s Office warns people about a grant scam

(MGN Online)

BELL COUNTY, Ky. (WYMT) - The Bell County Sheriff’s Office is warning people about a grant scam.

A victim of the scam told police the caller claimed to be from the National Institute of HELP out of Seattle, Washington. The number on the caller ID was 206-472-6021.

The caller also had the victim’s social security number and credit card numbers. The caller told the victim to go to a local Walgreen’s store, purchase a MoneyGram of $350 and send it to the company’s “representatives” Richard Johnson and Peter Clark.

In return, the victim was told they would receive a $14,000 grant from the company. The victim was given an identification number to call and check on the processing of the grant.

The Bell County Sheriff’s Office is advising that if you receive such a call, do not give out any personal information, contact your financial institutions, inform them of the incident and request that new cards be made.

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