WYMT on satellite? How you can help make it happen!

HAZARD, Ky. (WYMT) - Federal law now allows WYMT to be broadcast on satellite throughout its viewing area.

WYMT and our parent company Gray Television have filed a petition with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) requesting satellite companies carry WYMT.

You can help us make our case.

We want you to tell the FCC why it is so important to have local news, weather and sports on WYMT.

Below are detailed instructions on how to file comments with the FCC to get WYMT on satellite. Follow this link to make your comment: www.fcc.gov/ecfs/filings/express

Proceeding number is 18-8.

"We're here everyday serving the people of Eastern Kentucky, but right now we're going to humbly ask for your support," says Neil Middleton, Vice President and General Manager of WYMT. "We need you to go to the FCC's website and let them know that you want WYMT on satellite."

For more than 32 years, we have been your mountain television.

We interviewed Middleton, asking him why having WYMT on satellite is so important. He said this:

"No one should have to rely on another television station from another state or 150 miles away for their news weather and sports. WYMT is the local television station for this region. We're here everyday. We cover the big stories that stations from outside cover but we're also at the city council meetings, we're at the fiscal court meetings, we're at the balloon launches, we're at the high school basketball games, we're here every day. And then when you have severe weather, you have a winter storm warning, a tornado warning, our people are here. They are on the air concentrating on one thing. 'We are it' is not just a catch phrase. We literally are the only station dedicated to Eastern Kentucky."

Until now, federal law prevented WYMT from being carried on satellite throughout its coverage area. But the law has changed and with your help, we are hoping satellite carriers will add WYMT soon.

"When we filed this petition, we filed hundreds of letters of support and documentation and emails from people saying we want WYMT on satellite, this is our local television station," said Middleton. "We need you to do it again."

Your comments can go a long way towards helping WYMT serve Eastern Kentucky even better. Comments do not need to be longer than a sentence.

The FCC is still accepting comments at this time.

WYMT remains dedicated to you and to Eastern Kentucky. Thank you for your support.

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